Monday, April 7, 2014

A little bit of me

Well I hope yall had a good weekend and the storms didn't get ya to bad! Thank the Good Lord for the RAIN!!!
I have been debating if I was going to write about something close to home or not because I feel that it might make me a little more open, but on the other side it might show how strong I have became with what I have struggled with!
So I guess I'm going to jump in head first lol!

The last three years of my life have be the most trying and hard you could ever imagine. Up until the last 6 months I lived in the hospitals, spending more time in than out. Missing things that were important to me like my children's birthdays, almost every holiday, missing time with my family was very hard. For those of you that know our family we are VERY  close!  I had multiple surgeries and fought for my life! My Husband never left my side, and my family stood right there to hold him up if he needed it!!

In October I hit rock bottom the pain was so bad, my nausea and vomiting when it would kick in would end me back up in the hospital, I had be to some of the best Dr in the world when I went to the Mayo Clinic not once but 3 times! I could handled it any more I was at the braking point!  I made a call to a family friend and asked for help I told him that I was at the end! He made a call to my parents and they called Cameron and they took me to JPS. After 3 days I was moved up to WRH Behaviour and Mental Health Unit. Where I spent over 30days when I went in I was on over 20 different meds now I'm  on 3. I have been diagnosed with manic depression, anxiety and bipolar . I attend a group therapy session 2 times a week  and have 3 regular Dr that manage my care. Life is no cake walk, but you do make your own CIRCUS! Every day I struggle and I thank GOD that I have my mom to help me on those bad days!

So as the day comes to an end and we start our night shuffle, remember to say your prayers, love kids and be thankful for what you have.

Until next time
~Always Ang~

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Here we GO!

Well I'm going to give this a BLOG thing a chance! Sometimes I might have a lot to say, and then other days not so much! I hope some of the things I choose to blog about might reach some people, then on some things I hope that I don't offend anyone! As is says in my title IT MATTERS 2 ME, I plan to blog about things that matter to me, FAMILY, HEALTH, LIFE, KIDS, FOOD, FRIENDS, and  we cant forget the juicy stuff, so please tune in and lets have fun no holds bar!!! lol  
So until tomorrow sleep tight